Introducing SynthNuovo™! The artistic style behind our signature intricate designs!

FashWand Signature SynthNuovo™ Designs

Making designs even more charming with intricacy and depth!

As an artist, I have been asked many times what is your artistic style? My answer: Not realism, not abstract, not impressionism, not cubism, not surrealism, but a bit of each combined with the intricate details of ancient art and nature. None of the existing artistic styles describe my art. That’s why I created my own artistic style called SynthNuovo™ that best describes my work.

What does SynthNuovo™ mean?

SynthNuovo™ is an innovative technique which embodies Contemporary Elegance yet unique style inspired by Nature, Ancient & Antique Art. The term is derived from the verb synthesize which means to combine so as to form a new complex product and Nuovo which is Italian word for new and innovative.

SynthNuovo™ art aims to synthesize the intricate patterns from traditional Antique & Ancient Art and the beautiful patterns and colors from Nature and Wildlife. Every single design embodies the beauty of traditional Ancient & Antique Art from a different part of the world! 


Discover my signature SynthNuovo™ designs and paintings!

Azi Sharif

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