What is FashWand?


FashWand is the world’s first global custom fashion marketplace where fashion, art, and style meet.

We believe fashion should represent your personal style, it should be what you love and made for you.

FashWand empowers you to create fashion with your own personal style by taking beautiful classic handmade designer pieces and reinterpreting them to make them your own. 

All our products are exclusive to FashWand, designed and made for you by our community of artists, artisans, and designers. Designed from our original fine art and design to unique fabric and into wearable art. Handmade in Italy | USA.

Fashionistas, ever wished you had a bag or dress in a different color or different fabric? Ever wished you could add your own vintage lace to your handbag or blouse? With FashWand you can! 

Artists, ever wished you could transform your painting or design into beautiful elegant fashion? Ever wished you had a dress to match your painting for your art show? Upload your art and shop your favorites or contact us for collaboration opportunities.

Are you a Fashion Designer, or do you just love to sew and wish you could create unique fashion items for people to wear and love? With FashWand you can! Contact us for collaboration opportunities.

Let’s get started! Join the world of FashWand and create fashion you love! Click here to get started!

Azi Sharif

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