Discover How ArteBorsa Bags Are Made!

FashWand ArteBorsa Collection

Charm. Artistry. Elegance.

A collection of unique, elegant, and colorful custom bags sparked by our latest unforgettable trip to Florence full of inspirations exploring the history of innovation, art, and fashion. Made with our original hand painted Salmon Crest design!! Beautifully transformed from design into ArteBorsa Bags in the heart of Florence, the birthplace of renaissance and one of our favorite parts of Italy!

We are so excited to be collaborating with such amazing artists and artisans from Infinity in the beautiful and historic town of Florence. 

Infinity Florence | FashWand

Check out this video to discover how our ArteBorsa bags are made. It couldn’t get any more beautiful and handmade than this! 

Select your favorite from our fashion gallery or personalize it with your own special fabric design, a monogram or change the colors to create your very own unique look!

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Made by FashWand + Infinity

Azi Sharif

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