Behind The Scenes: My Florence Travel Diary and Birth of ArteBorsa™

My latest trip to Florence for FashWand was an unforgettable trip full of inspirations exploring the history of innovation, art, fashion and discovering talented artisans and fashion designers. 

Florence, once a centre of medieval European trade and finance is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Not only is Florence known for its stunning Renaissance art and architecture and monuments, Florence has been an important scientific center for centuries and home to top innovators such as the magnificent Leonardo Da Vinci. Besides art and innovation, Florence is also an important city in Italian fashion, being ranked in the top 51 fashion capitals of the world. By the year 1300 Florence had become a center of textile production in Europe. Many of the elite families in Renaissance Florence were purchasers of locally produced fine and custom clothing. Florence is regarded by some as the birthplace and earliest center of the modern fashion industry in Italy. Florence has served as the headquarter of the Italian fashion designers such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, and Emilio Pucci.

During our stay, we explored local markets, Mediterranean beaches, art and architecture to get inspiration for new designs and products. Some of our favorite museums include Galleria del Costume, which is the only museum in Italy dedicated to history of fashion, Gucci museum, Salvatore Ferragamo museum and the incredible Leonardo Da Vinci Museum which is a hidden gem!

We also visited local artisan designers and met the talented artisans who make beautiful unique handmade products. It was so inspiring to see and appreciate the skill, craft, artistry and heart that go into making each handmade piece.

One afternoon after my visit to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum, I started exploring random side streets and ran into a beautiful shop full of artistic handcrafted bags created by a Tuscan artist and designer Enio and his team. I was so inspired by the high quality and beautifully handmade unique bags, we are now collaborating and creating gorgeous bags with colors and artwork inspired by beauty of art, architecture and scenery of Tuscany. 

Our current products in collaboration with Enio include ArteBorsa Florentine Pouch and Shoulder bag Collection inspired by Florence. Each bag is a unique work of art so I named this collection ArteBorsa which is the Italian word for Art Bags.


Everything in Tuscany from the white sandy Mediterranean beaches, rolling hillsides, buildings, streets, doors, to art, fashion and technology museums and local shops was full of inspiration for me. We will be adding new products to this collection with artwork inspired by the breathtaking oceanfront villages of Cinque Terre very soon!


Azi Sharif


Azi Sharif

Amazing story of creating ArteBorsa collection. I love this awesome collection and bought a pouch from ArteBorsa collection. It is a unique, colorful, and artistic piece of work.

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