Behind the Scenes: Peridot the Hummingbird and the Bird that Inspired it

on January 18, 2023
FashWand by Azi Peridot the Hummingbird CollectionPhoto: Sketch of Peridot the Hummingbird painting in progress ©Azi

A new Collection in progress showcasing one of our original Wildlife Jewels paintings Peridot the Hummingbird!

Meet Peridot the Hummingbird!

Delighted to be sharing behind the scenes look at Peridot the Hummingbird painting in progress.

This painting took inspiration from a hummingbird that built a nest in Azi's garden. Shortly after she found her baby was abandoned in her nest, she took her baby to a local Wildlife rehabilitation center to try and save the beautiful baby who was just 2 days old.

By designing a Collection, and sharing her beauty and story through striking fine art and fashion pieces, we hope to inspire individuals to help protect Hummingbirds.

Stay tuned for the launch and to discover more about our beautiful inspiration!



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