FashWand Birds and National Bird Day 2023!

on January 05, 2023
FashWand by Azi Birds
FashWand by Azi Birds
FashWand by Azi Birds

Happy National Bird Day 2023!  

On this national bird day, we are thrilled to be sharing behind the scenes photos and stories about the FashWand Wildlife Jewels® Birds Collection and the birds that inspired it! 

Birds have always been a primary source of inspiration for Azi's designs. 

Azi first started drawing birds at age 4! Our first Wildlife Jewels inspiration and painting started with Azi's original painting of a magnificent Six Plumed Bird of Paradise that she named Ruby. Shortly after painting Ruby, Azi painted over 200 birds! From birds of paradise, to parrots, songbirds, seabirds and many more...

Each painting from the FashWand Birds collection is inspired by a precious bird that is either endangered or extinct due to hunting, poaching, wildlife trafficking and habitat loss. 

The collection also features native birds such as pelicans, burrowing owls, cormorants, gulls, and egrets who are under severe threats ranging from plastic pollution and oil spills, to fishing hook and other human caused injuries. 

Azi photographs wildlife, then paints them, and transforms the painting into luxurious fashion and fine art pieces. Azi captures each bird's unique story and their special features and shares their amazing science-fiction like behaviors.

Not only are birds stunningly beautiful, they have also been the source of inspirations for a multitude of innovations. From bird inspired robots, to drones, autonomous helicopters, and improved airplane wings to so much more... 

Sadly, in this changing world with rise in human population, pollution, and climate change, birds are in great danger. Many are racing extinction many due to fishing gear, oil spills, toxic food, habitat loss, plastic pollution, light pollution, chemical pollution, wildlife cruelty and wildlife crime, hunting, poaching, trafficking and so much more...

Some of the birds in our collection have been victims of fishing gear, some impacted by drones, and some birds like the birds of paradise are racing extinction and are under severe threat from poaching and hunting.


For each item sold from the FashWand Birds Collection, FashWand will contribute a portion of the profits to the conservation programs helping to protect birds.

Discover FashWand Birds Collection


Discover Gray Sapphire The Gulls

Today, we would like to highlight one of our latest design inspirations, and our collection taking inspiration from a precious Western Gull.The original painting is full of life with vibrant colors and textures, each fashion item is beautifully constructed with luxurious eco-friendly material with designs inspired by this beautiful Gull and every purchase helps protect Gulls.

About the Inspiration: Meet the precious Gull who is the inspiration for our Gray Sapphire the Gull painting and collection!

This Western Gull was founded entangled in fishing gear and saran wrap. She had also swallowed a fishing hook. She is very lucky to have been rescued and rehabilitated by the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center.

More than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution every year. Over 320,000 birds are injured or killed each year by fishing lines and fishing hooks.



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