FashWand Pelican Crisis Beach Walks: Help save California Brown Pelicans

on May 19, 2022

California Pelican Crisis & FashWand Pink Tourmaline the Pelican Giveaway

Help save Brown Pelicans: Enjoy the ocean, go for a beach walk, lookout for and report precious pelicans that may be injured and enter for a chance to win a limited edition FashWand Pelican inspired piece of décor or fashion accessory.

We are beyond devastated by the sudden Pelican crisis unfolding in California. More than 100 Pelicans have already been rescued since Saturday by various organizations including the International Bird Rescue, Wetlands & Wildlife Center, and Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network.

Many are injured and all are in need of specialized care. Several were found with multiple fish hooks on each bird, some have been hit by cars or have fractures for unknown reasons. Some were found cold and starving.

Timing of rescue is essential, the quicker injured Pelicans are located and rescued, the greater chance for their survival. If you see a Pelican that appears to be sick or injured, please report ASAP.

In order to quickly help find Pelicans that maybe sick on the beach, FashWand is coordinating beach walks and giving away exclusive pieces from our Pink Tourmaline the Pelican Collection. Anyone who signs up through for our beach walks and reports and rescues a sick Pelican, will be entered into our Pelican Crisis raffle for a chance to win an exclusive FashWand Pelican inspired piece of decor or fashion accessory.

Help Wildlife Rescue Foundations save Pelicans:

International Bird Rescue visit: https://www.birdrescue.org/ 

Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center visit: https://www.wwccoc.org/


To help rescue California Brown Pelicans simply click here to signup!




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