FashWand Wildlife Jewels Inspirations & World Wildlife Day

on March 04, 2022


FashWand by Azi Wildlife Jewels Inspirations & World Wildlife Day


Photo: FashWand Turquoise the Cheetah Painting and Jeweled Appliqué Satin Lacy Gown Designer ©Azi 


The theme for the United Nations World Wildlife Day 2022 is recovering key species for ecosystem restoration.

Millions of animal species are threatened with extinction. Wildlife are disappearing at an alarming rate, mainly due to poaching, hunting, and habitat loss. We need much more than raising awareness, and innovative technologies to stop wildlife crime. At this stage, we urgently need strict global policies that can be implemented and enforced to protect wildlife.

For this World Wildlife Day, I am pleased to be sharing some of my favorite and original inspirations behind the Wildlife Jewels collection including the critically endangered Persian Cheetah, the extinct Spix's Macaw, and the threatened Black Sicklebill The Bird of Paradise. All three species are hidden gems, yet they are either extinct or under severe threat due to poaching, hunting, illegal wildlife trade, and habitat loss. We urgently need to find innovative ways to help stop wildlife crime.


Turquoise the Persian Cheetah:

FashWand by Azi Wildlife Jewels Turquoise The Cheetah


About the original Painting: The majestic “Turquoise The Persian Cheetah” is painted on canvas in a proud and powerful pose, and is decorated with a crown and jewels inspired by ancient Persian motifs. Painting size is 36" x 48" Acrylic Paint on canvas.

About The Persian Cheetah: These beautiful cheetahs are Critically Endangered and need our help more than ever. Less than 40 are known to be remaining in the wild in Iran’s central plateau. All "cheetah populations are decreasing due to habitat destruction and human expansion. The Asiatic cheetah and the Northwest African cheetah are listed as critically endangered." One Earth.

What is causing the Persian Cheetah to become extinct?
Cars, poachers and local herders are currently the biggest threats facing the subspecies, according to conservationists.

"Between 2001 and 2012, at least 33 cats were killed by people and their vehicles. Poachers and livestock herders (and their large, aggressive herd dogs) killed the most cheetahs, followed by collisions on roads."

What is being done to protect the Persian Cheetah?

Iran’s Department of Environment has established several breeding sites for Asiatic cheetah. The Iranian Cheetah Society is monitoring populations of Asiatic cheetah, and ameliorating threats by supplying artificial watering holes, funding rangers, and educating local people to raise awareness about wildlife; a national Cheetah Day has been established. Additionally, road signs to increase driver awareness about the risk of cheetah road collisions have been installed.


Sapphire The Spix's Macaw:


FashWand by Azi Sapphire The Spix's Macaw Gown

About the Spix's Macaw: Spix’s is a majestic Macaw native to Brazil. They are known for their incredible blue color variations, their gorgeous head crown and their beautiful long tail feathers. Macaws are extremely emotional and are known to be as smart as a 5 year old child; they can live up to 40 years.

Spix’s Macaw is by far the rarest Macaw. Sadly due to hunting, their population has had massive decline, they are now extinct in the wild.

The destruction of habitat due to human influences, as well as illegal wildlife trade has been the main cause for the extinction of these beautiful species. 

About the original Painting: The beautiful “Sapphire the Spix's Macaw” is painted on white paper in an elegant and proud pose, and is decorated with a jewels inspired by ancient motifs and details of sealife. Painting size is 24" x 48" Acrylic Paint on paper.


Black Opal The Sicklebill Bird of Paradise:


FashWand by Azi Black Opal The Sicklebill Bird of Paradise Gown


About Black Sicklebill the Bird of Paradise: Black sicklebill birds of paradise are stunning birds from rainforests of New Guinea. They are the second longest bird of paradise species and measure about  43 inches in length with the tail  and around 24 inches without the tail.

These gorgeous hidden gems are severely threatened due to deforestation and hunting specially for their colorful feathers and most people around the world don't even know they exist. 

About the original Painting: The majestic “Black Opal the Sicklebill Bird of Paradise” is painted on white paper in an elegant pose, and is decorated with jewels inspired by ancient motifs and intricate patterns of sealife. Painting size is 24" x 48" Acrylic Paint on canvas.


About the Wildlife Jewels Collection: A striking collection including couture gowns, dresses, scarves, and luxurious sportswear taking inspiration from rare and precious wildlife.


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One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. William Shakespeare 

FashWand by Azi Wildlife Jewels Turquoise the Cheetah


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