Fine Art + Art of Nature: Green Tourmaline the Sea Turtle Meets Sea Birds

on June 08, 2021
Photo: FashWand Sea Turtle and Sea Birds Photography + Painting; Fashion: Sapphire the Spix's Macaw Scarf & Lace Shorts ©Azi

Tourmaline the Sea Turtle meets Sea Birds!

Introducing new additions to the FashWand Wildlife Photography + Painting Collection!

Excited to be sharing the new FashWand Wildlife Photography + Painting pieces inspired by the Ocean and Sea Birds on this World Ocean Day! Featuring a beautiful Great Blue Heron, and a stunningly beautiful Great Egret accompanied by three adorable Willets. The photographs are embellished with intricate details from my Silver Sea Painting created with hand-made stamps inspired by creatures from the deep sea!

I came across these beautiful birds at the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and Nature Center, and was so inspired by the beauty, elegance, and incredible presence of the birds that I decided to combine the photographs I captured with details from my Wildlife and Ocean inspired paintings.

Great Egrets are precious tall birds and generally live in shallow coastal lagoons, and wetlands. Blue Herons are stunning tall birds with a long neck, and live in wetlands. They usually nest in trees or bushes near water's edge. In order to protect them it is essential to protect their habitats.

As part of this new collection, we are delighted to be supporting and collaborating with Wetland & Wildlife Conservation Centers. We're thrilled to be supporting charities by donating our limited edition prints for auction. 

Some ways you can help protect Sea Life: Easily pick up plastic trash on the beach as you go for your walks using a lightweight grabber and a small bag. Do not buy products made of plastic. Do not buy clothing or products made from polyester. Develop applications that can easily detect and report injured wildlife.  

Discover The New Collection!

Are you a Wildlife Conservation nonprofit and interested in exploring collaboration opportunities? Contact us!


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Photo: Photography + Painting Sea Turtle with Sea Birds Wall ©Azi


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