Introducing FashWand Mandarin Garnet The Monarch Butterfly

on July 02, 2022
Photo: FashWand by Azi Mandarin Garnet the Monarch Butterfly Collection ©Azi

Fine Art + Monarch Butterfly + Fashion: FashWand Mandarin Garnet collection sneak peek.

A stunning collection of Fashion, Art, and Décor embellished with our Mandarin Garnet The Monarch Butterfly painting featuring the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. Sharing the natural beauty of the Monarch Butterfly while raising awareness to protect the precious Monarch Butterfly.

Thrilled to kick off the new FashWand Wildlife Jewels Butterfly collection with Mandarin Garnet the Monarch Butterfly bamboo lace appliqué dress and a stunning gold pendant.

Original painting: Acrylic paint on white paper painted by Azi

The Inspiration: The Monarch Butterfly

Why the Monarch Butterfly need our help?

They face major human caused threats from habitat destruction and pesticides, and their population has suffered deep declines. These precious insects have faced decades of difficulties. "In 40 years, America’s eastern population of monarchs, which flock to Mexico each winter, has seen its numbers drop by about 80 percent, reports Farah Eltohamy for National Geographic. Western monarchs, which overwinter in California, have lost closer to 99 percent of their population, reports Elizabeth Pennisi for Science magazine." Smithsonian Magazine 

Some ways you can help protect the Butterfly: Don't use pesticides in your garden, plant native Milkweed, share news & information about the Monarch Butterfly to raise awareness, fund non-profits dedicated to saving the Monarch Butterfly.

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