Introducing Green Tourmaline the Sea Turtle

on March 02, 2021

Introducing my latest Wildlife Jewels painting Green Tourmaline the Sea Turtle!

Inspired by the natural beauty, elegance, and grace of the Sea Turtle, this intricate design is drawn with black ink and embellished with watercolor details. I had the pleasure of encountering this majestic sea turtle during one of my snorkeling trips in Hawaii, shortly after I decided to design a painting that resembles the beauty of this turtle.

How beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken. Tennessee Williams

Sea turtles are the most precious, beautiful, and some of the oldest creatures on earth being around over 110 million years. Sadly, their future is at risk as their life is threatened in may ways. Sea Turtles are victims of poachers, as they are killed for their eggs, meat, skin, and shells. They are also threatened due to habitat destruction, getting trapped in fishing gear, and climate change. 

Plastic Pollution is another major cause of death for sea turtles. "Sea turtles can confuse plastic bags for jellyfish. Sea turtles can get stuck in plastic while swimming. Many turtles make long migrations and pass through areas with a lot of ocean plastic. Mylar balloons filled with helium can also look like jellyfish. These balloons can travel hundreds of miles in the air and land in rivers or the ocean. They can consume microplastic from their food. Tiny bits of plastic consumed by fish or other animals can then be eaten by those who eat them, like turtles."

Almost all Sea turtle are now classified as endangered, with three of the seven existing species being critically endangered.

It is essential that we consume as little plastic as possible. Some ways you can help: Don't use plastic water bottles, plastic utensils, balloons, plastic packaging, unless absolutely necessary. Use gloves made of fabric and wash the gloves instead of using plastic disposable gloves. Also as much as possible, avoid using polyester fabrics as polyester produces harmful microplastic fibers that kills sea turtles and other wildlife.


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