Introducing the new FashWand Pink Tourmaline The Pelican Collection!

on April 22, 2022
FashWand by Azi Pink Tourmaline The Pelican
FashWand by Azi Pink Tourmaline The Pelican
FashWand by Azi Pink Tourmaline The Pelican

Excited to kick-off the new Wildlife Jewels Painting Collection Pink Tourmaline The Pelican! Painting and designs taking inspiration from a stunningly beautiful Pelican rescued and rehabilitated by the International Bird Rescue!

This new painting and collection is inspired by the natural beauty of a 2 year old brown pelican rescued and rehabilitated by the International Bird Rescue center in LA. This beautiful bird suffered severe wing injury caused by fishing hook entanglement. She has been going through physical therapy and treatments for several months. The original painting is painted on canvas and transformed into an intricate lace appliqué design.

The new Collection includes luxurious fashion items & décor designed to share the natural beauty of this Pelican. Each piece showcases Azi's painting and is made of luxurious eco-friendly materials in the USA. 

For each Pink Tourmaline the Pelican item sold, FashWand contributes 10% of the profits to the International Bird Rescue.


Discover the new Collection!


Happy Earth Day! We believe everyday is earth-day. Here are some tips from our Founder Azi that you can do everyday to help Pelicans and other wildlife!

1- Do not buy clothing, home decoration such as drapery, linens, tablecloths, etc..  made of polyester. Polyester is simply made of oil and oil kills wildlife. Only use alternative eco-friendly material such as bamboo and cotton.

2- Do NOT go fishing in wildlife protected areas! If you go fishing in non-protected areas, clean up after yourself by properly disposing of used fishing line and hooks.  

3- When you are walking at the beach or hiking in natural reserves, carry a small bag and pickup plastic as you come across them. Even if you pickup one plastic bottle, one chips bag, etc.. you can make a huge impact by potentially saving a bird or other wildlife from eating that plastic item.

4- If you come across someone harming wildlife, notify your local police department ASAP. Also take a photo to track the location.

5- If you see a wildlife that appears to be sick or injured, report them ASAP. You can use the AnimalHelpNow APP to locate the nearest wildlife rescue center near you. Take a photo of the injured animal to record their status and their exact location.








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