New FashWand Egret Collection Sneak Peek: Beautiful Art & Fashion inspired by the precious Great Egret!

on July 16, 2022
Discover the FashWand White Opal The Great Egret Collection

New FashWand Wildlife Jewels Egret Collection Sneak Peek: White Opal the Great Egret helping to save Egrets!

Inspired by the natural beauty, color, elegance, and grace of the Great Egret, the original painting is drawn with black ink and embellished with acrylic paint details. I have had the pleasure of encountering this stunningly beautiful egret every time during my hiking trips for the last several months at the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and Nature Center, and I decided to design a painting that resembles the beauty of this egret.

Our new collection of exquisite fashion and décor features this precious Great Egret. The collection combines the natural beauty and elegance of the Great Egret with the magnificent colors and patterns of the ocean. Each piece is a work of art, designed and made in California, made of luxurious yet animal friendly and environmentally friendly fibers.


Stay tuned for the launch!!

FashWand White Opal The Great Egret Collection!





About the Great Egret

Great Egrets are precious tall birds and generally live in shallow coastal lagoons, marshes, or around ponds. They can live up to 22 years!

Sadly they were "nearly wiped out in the United States in the late 1800s, when its plumes were sought for use in fashion, the Great Egret made a comeback after early conservationists put a stop to the slaughter and protected its colonies.".

Let's enjoy the beauty of nature and these amazing birds, learn from them and innovate, collaborate, do whatever that it takes to protect them and their habitats! 


Discover the FashWand White Opal The Great Egret Collection!



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