New Wildlife Jewels Gull Designs and the Birds that Inspired it!

on February 11, 2023
FashWand by Azi Gray Sapphire the gull
FashWand by Azi Gray Sapphire the gull
FashWand by Azi Gray Sapphire the gull

A design inspired by a precious Western Gull named "Gray Sapphire" who was found injured due to fishing gear.

Introducing new FashWand Wildlife Jewels®  Gray Sapphire the Gull Designs!

A collection of exclusive fashion items and décor taking inspiration from a precious Western Gull. The original painting is full of life with vibrant colors and textures, each fashion item is beautifully constructed with luxurious eco-friendly material with designs inspired by this beautiful Gull and every purchase helps protect Gulls.

About the Inspiration: Meet the precious Gull who is the inspiration for our Gray Sapphire the Gull painting and collection! 

This precious Western Gull was found entangled in fishing gear and saran wrap. She had also swallowed a fishing hook. 

More than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution every year. Over 32,000 birds and more than 300,000 marine mammals are injured or killed each year by fishing lines and fishing hooks.

Western Gulls are among some of the most intelligent birds. Even robots are inspired by them. Stay tuned for our next post which will share some of the most fascinating behaviors seen in Western Gulls!



Discover Gray Sapphire the Gull Collection! 

Watch the video below to discover her story!



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