New Wildlife Jewels® Painting "Smoky Quartz The Elephant Seal"!

FashWand by Azi New Wildlife Jewels painting "Smoky Quartz The Elephant Seal"


Sneak peek: Wildlife Jewels® "Smoky Quartz The Elephant Seal" painting inspired by a beautiful Elephant Seal rescued by Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach. The Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues, rehabilitates and releases marine mammals.

The natural beauty of the elephant seal, the gemstone Smoky Quartz and intricate details of Ancient Architecture were the inspiration for the intricate details of this painting. 

Meet Five-O, the inspiration behind Azi's new Wildlife Jewels® painting Smoky Quartz The Elephant Seal!


Meet Five-O, the Elephant Seal!


Shortly after visiting The Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Azi decided to transform Five-O into a Wildlife Jewels® painting. More to come soon!

Azi PMMC Elephant Seal


Azi Sharif

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