New Wildlife Jewels "Rubellite The Elegant Tern" and the bird that inspired it!

on March 29, 2023
FashWand by Azi Rubellite the Elegant Tern CollectionPhoto: FashWand Rubellite the Elegant Tern Painting & Collection ©Azi
FashWand by Azi Rubellite the Elegant Tern CollectionPhoto: Elegant Tern Fine Art Print ©Azi

A design inspired by a precious Elegant Tern!

Meet the precious bird that inspired FashWand Wildlife Jewels®  Rubellite the Elegant Tern Collection!

The collection takes inspiration from a stunningly beautiful Elegant Tern who was rescued due to a tragic incident which took place in Long Beach Harbor. The original painting is full of life with vibrant colors and intricate details. The fine details and colors beautifully capture the natural beauty of the precious Elegant Tern. Each fashion item is constructed with luxurious eco-friendly material in Southern California.

About the Inspiration: 

This design is based on Azi's painting of a precious Elegant Tern who was a victim of the tragic incident that occurred in July 2021 believed to be caused by a drone crash which forced 3,000 nesting Elegant Terns to abandon their eggs. Rubellite is one of 621 Elegant Terns who was lucky to be rescued and rehabilitated by the International Bird Rescue.

Stay tuned to discover Rubellite's story and to learn more about amazing behaviors and characteristics of beautiful Elegant Terns. Also discover the major threats they are facing and ways that you can help protect them.



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