Sherry Topaz the Curlew Photography+ Purple Sea Painting & World Curlew Day!

on April 20, 2022
Photo: Sherry Topaz The Curlew & Purple Sea Photography + Painting ©Azi

Wildlife Photography + Ocean Inspired Painting!

Sherry Topaz The Curlew + Purple Sea Painting!

On this World Curlew Day, I'm delighted to be showcasing the new addition to FashWand Wildlife Photography + Painting Collection with one of my favorite photographs of a beautiful Curlew embellished with intricate details from my original Purple Sea Painting!

I came across this incredibly beautiful Curlew at a beautiful beach The Egret Beach House north of San Diego and decided to combine the photographs I captured with details from my Purple Sea Painting.

The Long-billed Curlew is easily recognized from its long and curly bill. Curlews are North America's largest shorebird. In California, Long-billed Curlews breed only in the northeastern counties but winter all along the California coast. 

Long-billed Curlew need your help, as their populations have declined substantially over the past 100 years, mainly due to habitat loss, oil spills, and plastic pollution. In fact, just during the week that I took this photo of the curlew, I found all types of small plastic pollution, and a multitude of tar balls all over the beach!

As part of the FashWand Wildlife Photography + Painting collection, we are delighted to be supporting and collaborating with Wetland & Seabird conservation foundations. We're thrilled to be supporting charities by donating our limited edition prints for auction, in addition for each photograph sold, FashWand contributes 20% of net profits to Wildlife Conservations Foundations to help protect Wildlife and their habitats. 

Are you a Wildlife Conservation nonprofit and interested in exploring collaboration opportunities? Contact us!


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Photo: The Curlew's home sneak peek from April 2022, Plastic & Tar Balls


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Photo: FashWand by Azi Wildlife Photography + Painting Wall ©Azi

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