Sneak Peek: New Wildlife Jewels Painting of a Precious Red-Tailed Hawk

on December 15, 2022
FashWand by Azi Gray Sapphire the gull Auction

New Wildlife Jewels painting inspired by a precious Red-Tailed Hawk!

On this Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Art Week 2022, I am thrilled to be sharing behind the scenes from one of my favorite paintings and new to be launched soon fashion collection showcasing a precious Red-Tailed Hawk! 

About the Inspiration: Meet the beautiful Red-Tailed Hawk who I had the pleasure of meeting during one of my trips to Mount Vernon, nearby Old Town Alexandria. This beautiful Red-Tailed Hawk was busy eating when I saw him and didn't mind me getting close to him to capture some photographs.

The Red-tailed Hawk is one of the largest birds in North America. They fly above open fields, slowly turning circles on their broad, rounded wings. Often times you’ll see them on top of electric poles around the road.

Red-Tailed Hawks are super heroes!

So many innovations are inspired by Hawks including a robot with hawk-inspired legs to perch like a bird. "Market Research Telecast"

And an aerial robot inspired by a fast-flying hawk to discover the capabilities of its new shape-changing design. "Insider Science"

What are some of the Threats to the Red-Tailed Hawk?

They Red-Tailed Hawk is under great human caused threats such as being shot at, getting hit bar cars, eating small mammals infected with rat poisoning, habitat destruction, lead poisoning from eating food items that contain lead shot, and so much more...

How can you help the Red Tailed Hawk?

Report wildlife crime if you see anyone shooting at a Red-Tailed hawk. 

Do not use rat poisoning.

Help fund wildlife rescue and conservation organizations who are protecting Red-Tailed Hawks.


Stay tuned for the launch of the new Collection! 

Discover the Wildlife Jewels Collection! 



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