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FashWand in the News!

FashWand in the News!

Meet our CEO and discover FashWand's mission, collections, and learn about our inspirations and our vision. “FashWand takes an innovative approach to fashion by combining fine art, fashion, science, education, and wildlife conservation while creating luxurious eye-catching eco-sustainable fashion,” Azi explains...
on January 04, 2023
FashWand Wildlife Jewels Inspirations & World Wildlife Day

FashWand Wildlife Jewels Inspirations & World Wildlife Day

The theme for the United Nations World Wildlife Day 2022 is recovering key species for ecosystem restoration. For this World Wildlife Day, I am pleased to be sharing some of my favorite and original inspirations behind the Wildlife Jewels collection including the critically endangered Persian Cheetah, the extinct Spix's Macaw, and the threatened Black Sicklebill The Bird of Paradise.

on March 04, 2022
FashWand by Azi Wildlife Jewels Turquoise the Cheetah

Wildlife Jewels Turquoise the Persian Cheetah and International Cheetah Day

Celebrating International Cheetah Day by sharing behind the scenes and exclusive designs from FashWand's Turquoise the Persian Cheetah Collection, while sharing the critical status of the beautiful inspiration behind this collection "The Persian Cheetah", what is being done and thoughts on how we can help preserve the cheetah.

on December 03, 2021