Wildlife Jewels Dress for Birds™

on May 05, 2022
FashWand by Azi Birds
FashWand by Azi Birds
FashWand by Azi Birds

Happy Bird Day!  

On this bird day thrilled to be sharing behind the scenes photos and info about FashWand Dress For Birds™ Collection and the birds that inspired it! 

Birds have always been a primary source of inspiration for Azi's designs. 

Our first Wildlife Jewels inspiration and painting started with Azi's original painting of a magnificent Six Plumed Bird of Paradise that she named Ruby. Shortly after painting Ruby, Azi painted over 200 birds! From birds of paradise, to parrots, songbirds, seabirds and many more...

Each painting from FashWand Birds collection is inspired by a precious bird that is sadly either endangered or extinct due to hunting, poaching, wildlife trafficking or habitat loss.

The collection also features precious local birds such as pelicans, owls, cormorants, seagulls, and egrets who are under severe threats ranging from plastic pollution and oil spills, to fishing hook and other human caused injuries. 


FashWand by Azi Birds
FashWand by Azi Birds

Discover some of the pieces from the FashWand Birds Collection





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