World Pangolin Day & Designs Inspired by The Precious Pangolin

on February 17, 2023
FashWand by Azi Golden Citrine The Pangolin Collection
FashWand by Azi Golden Citrine The Pangolin Collection

Happy to be sharing new Wildlife Jewels® designs inspired by the precious Pangolin dedicated to protecting Pangolins.


Celebrating World Pangolin Day 2023 by sharing sneak peeks from FashWand's new Golden Citrine the Pangolin Collection, while sharing insights about their critical status, the major threats they are facing, and some ways you can help protect them. The Pangolin is one of the most incredibly unique animals yet the most trafficked mammal in the world with over one million pangolins killed in the last ten years. At least one Pangolin is killed every 5 minutes. 

About the Collection: A striking collection of art and fashion designs taking inspiration from one of the most beautiful and unique science fiction like animals, who is sadly critically endangered. 

A new addition to the FashWand Wildlife Jewels® collection of wildlife inspired designs raising awareness for and highlighting rare & precious wildlife through elegant designs & fashion.

About the original Painting: The majestic “Golden Citrine The Pangolin” is painted on paper in a calm yet concerned pose. Painting size is 36" x 48" Black ink on canvas with a forest background painted in watercolor.

In honor of World Pangolin Day 2023, for the entire month of February FashWand will be donating 20% of proceeds from our Golden Citrine Collection to selected Pangolin Conservation Programs.

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About the Pangolin

Pangolins are prehistoric and been around for 80 million years, they are the only mammal with their body full of beautiful and overlapping scales, each scale has slightly different shape, they are a natural work of art and look as if they come from an imaginary fairy tale world.

Pangolins are shy, adorable, and harmless animals. They eat termites and ants which helps humans as termites can eat homes and buildings. Each Pangolin has as many as 1000 scales to protect them from predators, they curl up in a ball when they feel a threat.

Why Pangolins Need Help

More than 1 Million of these amazing animals have been poached in the last 10 years. Up to 200,000 Pangolins are being poached per year. At least 1 pangolin is poached every 5 minutes. The poachers use intelligent trafficking routes across the globe and use the advancements in technology to sell their Pangolin products online. All 8 species of Pangolins are found in Asia and Africa and they are now at risk of extinction. Pangolins are killed for medicine, luxury goods, and food for status with the highest demand in China and Vietnam. Pangolin scales are also made into powder and called medicine. However, there is no scientific basis, in fact, pangolin scales are made of keratin, the same material as our fingernails. In Asia, some people eat Pangolins to demonstrate social status. Recently poachers are targeting more and more of the African pangolins. In addition to being killed by poachers they are in decline due to habitat loss, and Pangolins reproduce slowly only one baby per year.

Saving Pangolins is not only for the good of the majestic Pangolins but for all animals and all other endangered species, as Pangolin dealers are part of the same network that kill elephants, tigers, rhinos, and other precious animals.

Some Ways You Can Help Save Pangolins

We urgently need to develop, implement, and enforce strict collaborative global policies to stop wildlife crime. Pangolins are such special, incredibly beautiful and fascinating animals. Here are some of my recommendations for ways that you can help:

  1. Join and support global organizations that are working to end wildlife trafficking and poaching.
  2. Consult with tech experts who are specialized in cyber security and find ways to track down poachers when they use the internet.
  3. Consult with global policy makers and develop global laws that can be enforced and implemented to end wildlife crime.
  4. Be alert online and look out for pangolin products report them as soon as you see them.


Discover the FashWand Golden Citrine The Pangolin Collection!

"Celebrating and raising awareness for rare and precious wildlife through beautiful art & fashion."
FashWand by Azi Golden Citrine The Pangolin





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