World Rhino Day 2023 and Alexandrite the Rhino

on September 22, 2023

Alexandrite the Rhino Collection Sneak Peek and World Rhino Day

On this World Rhino Day 2023, we are thrilled to share selected new designs featuring our "Alexandrite the Rhino" painting from the Wildlife Jewels Collection!

In honor of World Rhino Day, FashWand is donating 50% of proceeds from each item in this collection to selected Rhino protection programs.

Discover our new limited edition pieces and help protect precious Rhinos!


Discover Alexandrite the Rhino Collection


 About Alexandrite the Rhino Painting

Alexandrite The Rhino is one of our original Wildlife Jewels paintings.
The intricate details are inspired by the patterns of tropical fish, wild cats, and Indo-European designs. The majestic Rhino is painted over a very thin layer of tissue paper resembling the fragile state of the Rhino due to poaching and decorated with tiny golden dots resembling gold and gemstones. 

About the Rhino

The Rhinoceros, native to Africa and Southern Asia are some of the largest remaining animals. Rhinoceros are brutally killed by humans for their horns, which are used by some cultures in East Asia, specifically in Vietnam for ornamental or traditional medicinal purposes. Rhinoceros are being murdered to extinction simply for a horn that is nothing more than a keratin compound that has no medical value. At the turn of the 19th century there were an estimated one million Rhinos in Africa; today there are less than 30,000. Over 1,000 Rhino's are being slaughtered per year.

Sadly Rhinos need our help more than ever. So devastated by the recent killing of around 22 rhinos in less than 48 hours in South Africa. At this stage we need more than local conservation efforts and fundraising, there needs to be a global agreement and global laws that are strictly implemented and enforced to protect the Rhino.

We urgently need government agencies and organizations globally to collaborate and come up with solutions.

What about deploying robots to track the Rhinos and report poacher activity before the poachers approach the Rhinos?

Do you have any thoughts on how innovative technologies, new policies, or any other transformational strategies that can help save the Rhino? We would love to hear from you. Contact Us!


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