Hummingbirds: Incredible Designers & Architects

on April 08, 2023

Hummingbirds: Incredible Designers & Architects


We had the pleasure of having this beautiful hummingbird and her baby as gusts in our butterfly garden. It is fascinating how this tiny bird can design and build such an incredibly perfect nest.

Female Hummingbirds generally spend around 7 days collecting materials to build their nest. They collect material such as moss, plant fibers, feathers, and even spider silk. Each material they use has a specific purpose.

They weave the material into a cup and decorate it with moss and other materials for camouflage. It is amazing how they use spider silk to bind the nest together in order to give it elasticity to enlarge the nest as their babies grow.

From nest beds, nest tree houses to nest lattices, architects from around the world have created architectural designs inspired by the hummingbirds nest.


Hummingbirds: Incredible Designers & Architects




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