New FashWand designs in progress inspired by a California Brown Pelican rehabilitated & released by the International Bird Rescue!

on July 12, 2022
FashWand Birds & California Brown Pelicans
California Brown Pelicans
California Brown Pelicans

New Wildlife Jewels Painting Collection in Progress: Inspired by a stunningly beautiful Pelican rescued, rehabilitated, and released by the International Bird Rescue!

This new painting and collection is inspired by the natural beauty of an incredible brown pelican I recently had the pleasure of meeting at the International Bird Rescue center in LA. Sadly this beautiful bird was a victim of the recent Southern California mass-stranding event Pelican Crisis. Since May 12, hundreds of Brown Pelicans have been found cold, injured, and starving and the cause is still unknown.

This beautiful Pelican, blue band Z78 was lucky to be rescued, rehabilitated and released by the International Bird Rescue! He is a second year male California Brown Pelican. He was found in Ventura, CA. He recovered from emaciation, hypothermia, anemia and dehydration after staying in care at the International Bird Rescue for 34 days! He was released back on June 22nd!

Sadly, hundreds of Brown Pelicans have been impacted by the sudden California Pelican Crisis. Hundreds who were lucky enough to be rescued, have been rehabilitated by various organizations including The International Bird Rescue, The Wetlands & Wildlife Center, and Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network. 

Many are injured and all are in need of specialized care. Several were found with multiple fish hooks on each bird, some have been hit by cars or have fractures for unknown reasons. Some were found cold and starving.

The International Bird Rescue has cared for over 325 Brown Pelicans since May 12th. They are still receiving new pelicans each day and have more than 100 in care. So far, they have released 100 of the Brown Pelicans.

Timing of rescue is essential, the quicker injured Pelicans are located and rescued, the greater chance for their survival. If you see a Pelican that appears to be sick or injured, please report ASAP.

You can see the beautiful Pelicans at the International Bird Rescue Los Angeles Center live by watching PeliCam.  PeliCam is live from their large, outdoor flight aviary. In addition to Brown Pelicans, you may see a beautiful White Pelican, Gulls and other waterbirds in recovery in the 100-foot long aviary.


Stay tuned for more information as I will be sharing new painting and fashion design sneak peeks and the story of this precious Brown Pelican!

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