New Wildlife Jewels: American White Pelican Released After 9 Months!

on September 26, 2022
FashWand by Azi Seabird Collection
FashWand by Azi Seabird Collection
FashWand by Azi Pink Tourmaline The Pelican

Meet the inspiration for the new Wildlife Jewels Blue Topaz Collection! 

This precious American White Pelican has been in care at the Wetlands & Wildlife Care center for the last 9 months!! Fortunately he recovered and was released at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve!

Staty tuned to discover his full story!

We are very much excited to be featuring him in a new Wildlife Jewels collection!

Join us at the  Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center Groovin' with the Gulls Gala to be the first to see sneak peeks from the collection!

Stay tuned as I will be sharing this precious bird's story as well as new painting and fashion designs inspired by him.


 New Blue Topaz the White Pelican designs coming soon to the Wildlife Jewels Collection!



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