Wildlife's Gems Painting Sneak Peek: Turquoise The Persian Cheetah

on April 06, 2023

New Wildlife Jewels Painting Sneak Peek: Turquoise The Persian Cheetah

Thrilled to be painting the majestic Persian Cheetah also known as the Asiatic Cheetah as the first Wildlife's Gems™ Painting of 2018!

These beautiful cheetahs are Critically Endangered and need our help more than ever. Less than 50 are known to be remaining in the wild in Iran’s central plateau.

Wildlife's Gems™ is a stylish collection of Wildlife Jewels Fine Art Fashion & Décor embellished with Azi's original paintings taking inspiration from endangered wildlife. Each Wildlife represents a unique Gemstone. Sadly, the wildlife featured in this collection are either endangered for facing extinction. Wildlife's Gems is dedicated to educating individuals about the threats these beautiful wildlife are facing and how you can help protect them from extinction.

Beautifully designed and made with eco-sustainable material in Southern California.

The Wildlife Jewels Collection was founded in 2014 by Azi with the mission to raise awareness for and to protect wildlife.




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