A luxurious collection of stylish yet comfortable activewear, made with environmentally friendly material in Southern California, and decorated with our original exclusive artwork inspired by wildlife.


For each item sold, FashWand will contribute a portion of the profits to wildlife conservations and rescue organizations to help protect wildlife.


FashWand Mesh Shoulder Soft Bamboo Flowy Top Cheetah Jewels

$ 145.00

FashWand Soft Bamboo Side Ruffle Crystal Tights Cheetah Jewels

$ 155.00

FashWand Soft Bamboo Velour Hoodie Peacock Jewels

$ 215.00

FashWand Side Mesh Leggings Cheetah Jewels

$ 155.00

FashWand Lazuli the Elephant Jewels Sport Set

$ 225.00

FashWand Dancing Flower Sport Set

$ 225.00

FashWand Silver Sea Painting Yoga Mat

$ 125.00

FashWand Soft Bamboo Velour Pocket Top Peacock Jewels

$ 149.00

FashWand Bamboo Mesh Shoulder Ruffle Neck Top in Peacock Jewels

$ 210.00

FashWand Bamboo Mesh Shoulder Ruffle Neck Top in Sapphire Jewels

$ 210.00