Striking original fine art combined with luxurious fabrics transformed into exquisite timeless fashion and stylish home décor. Beautifully transformed from hand drawn art, the intricate dancing flower design reminiscent of the natural beauty of the Mediterranean gem Cinque Terre with details inspired by tropical sea life and early eighteenth century Régence style French decorative art.

As part of the FashWand Wildlife Jewels collection, FashWand donates 20% of net profits to Ocean Conservations Foundations to help protect the ocean and the beautiful sea life.


FashWand Dancing Flower Collection

FashWand Organic Cotton Lacy Dancing Flower Apron

$ 179.00

FashWand French Polka Dot Lace Top in Pima Lawn Cotton "Dancing Flower"

$ 285.00

FashWand Jeweled Appliqué Dancing Flower Dress

$ 625.00

FashWand Dancing Flower Sport Set

$ 225.00

FashWand Leopard Flower Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow

$ 125.00

FashWand Velvet Fashion Bag Dancing Flower

$ 35.00

FashWand Fashion Gloves Dancing Flower

$ 40.00

FashWand Italian ArteBorsa Pineapple Leather Handbag in Dancing Flower Design

$ 1,190.00

FashWand Dancing Flower Ceramic Ornament

$ 35.00