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                Unique assortment of art-inspired resort fashion items crafted in the USA. This limited edition collection is tailored for those with a keen sense of style and a commitment to environmental consciousness. 20% of profits donated to selected wildlife conservation programs.

                FashWand Resort Collection

                Wildlife Jewels Soft Bamboo Side Ruffle Crystal Tights Cheetah Jewels

                $ 128.00

                FashWand Soft Bamboo Velour Hoodie Peacock Jewels

                $ 210.00

                FashWand Wildlife's Gems Mesh Shoulder Soft Bamboo Flowy Top Cheetah Jewels

                $ 120.00

                FashWand Soft Bamboo Side Ruffle Crystal Tights Pangolin Jewels

                $ 128.00

                FashWand Bamboo Mesh Shoulder Ruffle Neck Top in Sapphire Jewels

                $ 145.00

                Side Insert Crushed Velour Legging "Peacock Jewels" Print

                $ 115.00

                FashWand Bamboo Art Sleeve Top in Butterfly Jewels

                $ 125.00

                FashWand Eco Italian Arté Polka Dot Tights in Topaz Jewels

                $ 48.00

                Butterfly Jewels Mesh Cropped Tee

                $ 89.00

                Wildlife Jewels Eco Italian Arté Polka Dot Tights in Sapphire Jewels

                $ 48.00

                Wildlife Jewels Smoky Quartz the Elephant Seal Stainless Steel Bottle

                $ 49.00

                Wildlife Jewels Green Tourmaline the Sea Turtle Stainless Steel Bottle

                $ 49.00

                FashWand Velvet Fashion Bag Golden Topaz

                $ 35.00

                Wildlife Jewels Girls Organic Cotton Tulle Pygmy Seahorse Appliqué Top

                $ 62.00

                Eco Cotton Tee in "Green Tourmaline the Sea Turtle"

                $ 115.00

                Eco Cotton Tee in "Smoky Quartz The Elephant Seal"

                $ 115.00

                Wildlife Jewels Simba the Lion Print Slim-Fit Tee

                $ 115.00

                Wildlife Jewels Simba the Lion Print Tee

                $ 115.00

                Wildlife Jewels Lapis Lazuli the Elephant Print Flowy Tee

                $ 115.00

                Wildlife Jewels Golden Topaz Wing Lace Appliqué Hat in Velvet

                $ 125.00
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