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                A luminous collection with signature pieces adorned with Azi's original painting featuring miracle Rhino Poaching Survivor Thandi and her adorable calf Zolani!

                Thandi is a beautiful Rhino who is a survivor of a brutal poaching attack which took place on 2nd of March 2012 . Amazingly, Thandi has since had five calves, Thembi, Colin, Mthetho, Siya, and Zolani. Thandi along with her five calves and two adorable grand-calves reside at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa.

                FashWand’s “Thandi the Rhino” Collection is a timeless collection with a touch of elegance, featuring limited edition signature pieces embellished with Azi’s original 30” x 60” acrylic on canvas painting featuring Thandi and Zolani. The painting beautifully showcases Thandi (her name means love) and Zolani (his name means freedom loving and free-spirited) using luminious colors with detailed brush-strokes full of life and movement. With eye-catching colors, exquisitely soft eco-friendly and animal friendly limited edition custom designed fabrics, each piece in the collection is a work of art itself, beautifully designed and made with attention to detail in Southern California.

                We are thrilled to be partnering with Helping Rhinos and committed to donating 20% of the profits from our “Thandi the Rhino” Collection to support Helping Rhinos invaluable mission and their efforts in helping care for and protect Thandi and her precious growing family. To help us support Helping Rhinos, shop our Thandi the Rhino Collection. Help save Rhinos while beautifying your world with stylish timeless fine art fashion & arts pieces sharing the natural beauty and story of this incredibly precious and inspirational Rhino.


                STAY TUNED FOR THE LAUNCH!! 

                FashWand Thandi the Rhino Collection

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