Exquisite collection of Fine Jewelry reminiscent of Azi's intricate endangered Wildlife Paintings. Every item comes with a card sharing amazing features of each wildlife, the threats they are facing, and how you can help protect them. Every purchase helps protect wildlife. We are thrilled to be donating a portion of the proceeds to selected wildlife conservation foundations.

FashWand Wildlife Jewels Jewelry

Wildlife Jewels Solid 18K Yellow Gold Pendant Alexandrite the Rhino

$ 2,500.00

FashWand 18K Solid Yellow Gold Pendant Mandarin Garnet the Monarch Butterfly

$ 2,300.00

Wildlife Jewels 18K Solid Yellow Gold Pendant Lapis Lazuli The Elephant

$ 2,110.00

Wildlife Jewels Solid Silver Pendant Alexandrite the Rhino

$ 310.00