Luxurious collection of elegant and timeless fashion pieces, accessories, and home decor, embellished with artwork inspired by the ocean and wildlife. Designed to beautify your world while raising awareness about rare and endangered wildlife.  


FashWand Lacy Dancing Flower Apron

$ 110.00

FashWand Eco Italian Arté Polka Dot Tights in Sapphire Jewels

$ 48.00

FashWand Soft Bamboo Velour Hoodie Peacock Jewels

$ 215.00

FashWand Golden Topaz Wing Lace Appliqué Hat in Velvet

$ 125.00

FashWand 18K Solid Yellow Gold Pendant Lapis Lazuli The Elephant

$ 2,110.00

FashWand Men's Pocket Square in Silk Twill "Sea Forest"

$ 94.00

FashWand Soft Bamboo Silk Side Ruffle Crystal Tights Cheetah Jewels

$ 155.00

FashWand Lacy Lemon Blossom Dress

$ 345.00

FashWand Leopard Flower Silk Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow

$ 125.00

FashWand Velvet Side Lacy Leggings Peacock Jewels

$ 165.00

FashWand Great Egret with Willets & Silver Sea Photography + Painting Print Signed Edition

$ 410.00

FashWand Ruby Jewels Bamboo Lacy Dress

$ 387.00

FashWand Silver Sea Painting Yoga Mat

$ 125.00

FashWand Jeweled Appliqué Dancing Flower Dress

$ 625.00

FashWand Great Blue Heron & Silver Sea Photography + Painting Print Signed Edition

$ 410.00

FashWand French Polka Dot Lace Top in Silk Georgette "Dancing Flower"

$ 285.00

FashWand Turquoise the Cheetah Silk Satin Tulle Ruffle Scarf

$ 240.00

FashWand Great Egret & Turquoise the Cheetah Photography + Painting Print Signed Edition

$ 355.00

FashWand Mesh Shoulder Soft Bamboo Flowy Top Cheetah Jewels

$ 145.00

FashWand Pink Dianthus Flower Appliqué Lacy Crystal Dress

$ 395.00