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                Wildlife Gems™ is a timeless exquisite collection of Wildlife Jewels® Fine Art Fashion embellished with Azi's original paintings taking inspiration from rare wildlife. The collection shines a light and raises awareness for the most rare wildlife, wildlife that many people may not know exist. 


                Wildlife Gems

                FashWand Men's Pocket Square in Organic Pima Lawn Cotton "Turquoise the Cheetah"

                $ 94.00

                FashWand Men's Pocket Square Organic Pima Lawn Cotton "Lapis Lazuli the Elephant"

                $ 94.00

                FashWand Men's Pocket Square in Organic Pima Lawn Cotton "Alexandrite the Rhino"

                $ 94.00

                Wildlife Jewels Alexandrite the Rhino Tencel Cotton Long Sleeve Top

                $ 165.00

                FashWand Lapis Lazuli the Elephant Bamboo Velour Pocket Sweater

                $ 120.00

                Wildlife Jewels® Solid 18K Gold Plated Brass Pendant Alexandrite the Rhino

                $ 275.00

                Wildlife Jewels Solid Silver Pendant Alexandrite the Rhino

                $ 310.00

                FashWand Wildlife's Gems Mesh Shoulder Soft Bamboo Flowy Top Cheetah Jewels

                $ 120.00

                Wildlife Jewels Soft Bamboo Side Ruffle Crystal Tights Cheetah Jewels

                $ 128.00

                FashWand Wildlife's Gems Side Mesh Leggings Cheetah Jewels

                $ 155.00

                FashWand Turquoise the Cheetah Gift Box

                $ 115.00

                FashWand Lazuli the Elephant Jewels Sport Set

                $ 225.00

                FashWand Lazuli the Elephant Jeweled Appliqué Bamboo Lacy Top

                $ 310.00

                Wildlife Jewels 18K Gold Plated Brass Pendant Lapis Lazuli The Elephant

                $ 215.00

                Wildlife's Gems Turquoise the Cheetah Velour Blanket

                $ 125.00

                FashWand Wildlife's Gems Cheetah Queen Twisted Headband

                $ 45.00

                FashWand Jeweled Embroidery Bamboo Fleece Sweater "Lapis Lazuli The Elephant"

                $ 265.00

                FashWand Wildlife Jewels Bamboo Velour Throw Blanket "Lapis Lazuli & Mandarin Garnet"

                $ 130.00
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