About Azi

Azi Sharif, PhD| Founder & Designer FashWand LLC

Azi Sharif, PhD| Founder & Designer FashWand LLC

Azi is an entrepreneur, designer, computer scientist, technology and wildlife enthusiast. A connoisseur of design perfection and quality, with eye for beauty and details and a lifelong passion for art, wildlife, and trend-setting Fashion. After pursuing an exciting journey in technology and robotics, Azi decided to combine her passion for art, fashion, and wildlife to create impeccable fashion while helping save wildlife from extinction, and FashWand was born. The result is an exquisite line of luxury products designed for the fashion forward and eco-conscious men and women.  All garments designed by Azi are exclusive to FashWand, all textile designs are created from Azi's Hand Drawn Artwork and Paintings.

Azi’s striking paintings are inspired by science fiction like behaviors & patterns in nature, and antique designs; taking realistic images into a unique magical world. She created a new artistic style called SynthNuovo™, which emerged from Azi's first Wildlife Jewels® painting. SynthNuovo is an innovative technique which embodies contemporary elegance yet artistic style inspired by ancient architecture and wildlife.

On her free time, Azi enjoys playing tennis, golfing, and hiking. She also loves to travel the world and discover art, architecture, unique fashion, nature, and engage in wildlife conservation efforts.

Azi holds a PhD in Applied Sciences, MS in Computer Science and BA in Fine Arts. For Azi’s full Bio visit her page on LinkedIn.


Email: azi@FashWand.com