About FashWand


Elegant, artistic, innovative, and influential fashion designed for the fashion forward men and women. FashWand was founded in 2016 by designer Azi in the charming coastal town of Corona Del Mar. Our mission is not only to create beautiful exclusive fashion, but to also raise awareness about rare and endangered wildlife.


“I have always loved beautiful art, fashion, nature, and wildlife, and I am passionate to beautify the world with elegant fashion, while finding ways to transform the fashion industry to protect endangered species and make the industry as a whole more environmentally responsible.” Azi

FashWand is committed to being a trend-setting and modern brand, while collaborating with wildlife conservation foundations to protect wildlife and lead the luxury fashion industry toward a sustainable future. Our fashion items are constructed with luxurious environmentally friendly materials and natural fibers, and ethically made in Southern California. All of our textile designs are Azi’s original fine art and exclusive to FashWand.

The FashWand Collection ranges from Men’s Accessories to Women’s Sports to Resort Wear to a Couture Collection, which features intricate wildlife-inspired appliqué and jewels, showcasing rare and endangered birds of paradise, butterflies, cheetahs, and flowers.