About Turquoise the Persian Cheetah



A striking collection including couture gowns, dresses, scarves, and luxurious sportswear taking inspiration from one of the most beautiful yet endangered animals, the Persian Cheetah.

About This Painting: One of Azi's latest paintings, the majestic “Turquoise The Persian Cheetah” is painted on canvas in a proud and powerful pose, and is decorated with a crown and jewels inspired by ancient Persian motifs. 

Passionate about saving Wildlife, Azi decided to transform this beautiful painting into fashion. A portion of proceeds are donated to selected Wildlife Conservation Foundations dedicated to saving The Cheetah.

About the Persian Cheetah:

These beautiful cheetahs are some of the most powerful animals, yet they are critically endangered and need our help more than ever. Less than 40 are known to be remaining in the wild in Iran’s central plateau.

What is causing the fastest mammal that has ever lived to become extinct?

Cars, poachers and local herders are currently the biggest threats facing the subspecies, according to conservationists.

"Between 2001 and 2012, at least 33 cats were killed by people and their vehicles. Poachers and livestock herders (and their large, aggressive herd dogs) killed the most cheetahs, followed by collisions on roads."

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