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"Saving Wildlife through Fashion Created from Wildlife Paintings by Azi full of intricate details inspired by Wildlife and Ancient Architecture"

Wildlife Jewels® was created by Azi to share the majestic beauty of wildlife using an innovative technique inspired by beautiful patterns and colors of wildlife and ancient architecture. Each wildlife painting is inspired by a unique wildlife Azi has come across either during her journeys exploring wildlife or from a photograph, and each wildlife resembles a unique gemstone. Each wildlife is decorated with detailed patterns created from tiny dots, resembling gold and precious stones.

Unfortunately most the gorgeous wildlife showcased in the Wildlife Jewels® collection are either extinct or endangered due to hunting, poaching and habitat loss.

Wildlife Jewels® is not only about sharing the beauty of wildlife through unique art and exquisite fashion, but it's also a way of thinking that each wildlife is not only as beautiful as gemstones, their life is also as precious as gemstones and we need to do whatever it takes to save them. In addition, with their enchanting and science fiction like behaviors, there is so much we can learn from them in order to advance our technological and scientific innovations.

Dedicated to saving Wildlife, we are honored to be collaborating with selected Wildlife Conservation Foundations, scientists, and technologists to help save Wildlife.

In addition, we donate 10% of our proceeds from the Wildlife Jewels® Collection to selected Wildlife Conservation Foundations.

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“When the wildlife go extinct, we have lost our true Jewels.”