About Wildlife Jewels Smoky Quartz The Elephant Seal™

Wildlife Jewels® "Smoky Quartz The Elephant Seal™" Painting by Azi;  Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

About This Painting 

The majestic "Smoky Quartz" is one of our Wildlife Jewels® paintings by Azi which features The Elephant Seal. The painting is inspired by a beautiful Elephant Seal named "Five-O" rescued, rehabilitated, and released by Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach. The intricate details are inspired by the patterns of exotic birds, tropical fish, and the classic beauty of Indo-European designs. The stunning elephant seal is decorated with tiny golden dots resembling gold and gemstones.

Passionate about saving Wildlife, Azi decided to transform this beautiful painting into fashion, a portion of proceeds are donated to selected Wildlife Conservation Foundations dedicated to saving Marine Mammals.


About The Elephant Seal

The Northern elephant seals, the second largest seal in the world, are known for their round face and beautiful large eyes. Found in the North Pacific from Baja California, Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Islands. Due to massive hunting primarily for their blubber used for lamp oil, by 1910 their population fell down to less than 100. In the past several years due to toxic runoffs in the ocean, over fishing and changing climate, there has been mass strandings of dehydrated and hungry elephant seals along California Coast.