FashWand Salmon Crest Painting

FashWand Salmon Crest Collection by Designer Azi

Beautifully transformed from hand drawn art into Fashion, the elegant Salmon Crest motifs are reminiscent of the crashing waves of the ocean, a cockatoo’s crown, eels, tigers, giraffes, and inspired by the intricate beauty and richness of early 19th Century Iban Ikats designs. The Iban communities live in longhouses called rumah panjai along the rivers in the central regions of Borneo. Their natural environment is lush and full of inspirations including crocodiles for their beautiful traditional textile motifs weaved by women. For Iban women, the art of weaving ikat fabrics has always been the foremost way of acquiring status.

This glamorous Salmon Crest design blends Contemporary Elegance with a traditional antique edge combined with wildlife patterns.