FashWand by Azi Wildlife Jewels Harvard University Fashion Show

An exclusive FashWand by Azi fashion show at Harvard University’s Adams House Pool Theatre. The show uniquely combines art, fashion, and technology with special lighting and music, all designed to showcase the FashWand by Azi Wildlife Jewels endangered species Collection featuring gowns inspired by the Persian Cheetah, Spix's Macaw, and Birds of Paradise.

Wildlife Jewels is an exquisite collection of fashion inspired by striking Wildlife Paintings by Azi full of intricate wildlife and ancient architecture details.

Each wildlife painting is inspired by a unique wildlife and each wildlife resembles a unique gemstone. Each wildlife is decorated with detailed patterns created from tiny dots, resembling gold and precious stones.

The mission of Wildlife Jewels is to raise awareness and share the beauty of rare and endangered wildlife through stunning art and fashion.