SynthNuovo™ Designs

Making designs even more charming with intricacy and depth.



Our signature SynthNuovo™ designs depict an innovative technique Azi created which embodies contemporary elegance yet unique style inspired by her passion for wildlife. The term is derived from the verb synthesize which means to combine so as to form a new complex product and Nuovo which is Italian word for new and innovative. SynthNuovo™ art aims to synthesize the intricate patterns from Ancient & Antique Art and the beautiful science fiction like patterns and colors from Nature and Wildlife. Every single design is embellished with detailed wildlife patterns and embodies the charming beauty of Ancient & Antique Art from a different part of the world.


Salmon Crest

FashWand by Azi Salmon Crest Design


Dancing Flower™


FashWand by Azi Dancing Flower Design


Patterns of Wildlife

Patterns of Wildlife Collection by Azi Signature Design

Sea Wonders

Sea Wonders Collection by Azi Signature Design