What is FashWand

FashWand by Azi Luxury Eco-Conscious Fashion

 Exclusive Design. Striking Art. Exquisite Details. 

Luxury Art-Inspired and Eco-Conscious timeless pieces for the fashion forward men and women by Azi. Made in USA from our own unique textiles.



Our Story

FashWand is a Corona Del Mar based company specializing in Luxury Art-Inspired Fashion founded by artist and designer Azi. A connoisseur of design perfection and quality, with eye for beauty and details and a lifelong passion for art, wildlife, and trend-setting Fashion, Azi combined her passion for art, fashion, and wildlife to create impeccable fashion while helping save wildlife from extinction, and FashWand was born. The result is an exquisite line of luxury and unique products designed for the fashion forward men and women. 


Exclusive Design

All our designs are exclusive to FashWand, all our textile designs are created from Azi's Hand Drawn Artwork and Paintings inspired by ancient art and wildlife.


Impeccable Quality

All our products are constructed individually by hand, made from hand-selected high quality luxury fabric, artwork individually centered on the garment and sewn with extreme attention to detail by our experienced sewers in California.



We believe in eco-conscious and ethically made fashion. Part of shopping eco-conscious is consuming less and buying high quality products specially made for you crafted to last. Our products are thoughtfully created with high quality hand-selected textiles and ethically crafted in order to create timeless pieces for the fashion forward men and women.

Saving Wildlife

Our Signature Wildlife Jewels® Collection is dedicated to saving endangered species. Inspired by Wildlife, Gemstones, and Antique Art, each wildlife resembles a unique gemstone. Each product comes with a card containing information about the wildlife and 10% of the proceeds are donated directly towards saving endangered species.