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World Wildlife Day 2023 Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation

We are so excited to be Celebrating World Wildlife Day! The theme for World Wildlife Day 2023 is Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation. Join FashWand and Wildlife Jewels™  learn how you can support the conservation of native and endangered wildlife and their ecosystems.


World Wildlife Day Events

Wildlife Jewels World Wildlife Day Virtual Panel: How to Save Wildlife from Extinction through Strategic Partnerships

Join us for a virtual panel titled: How to Save Wildlife from Extinction through Strategic Partnerships. Our goal for this Panel is to share insights from experts across the field of wildlife conservation and explore innovative ways that partnerships can be formed to result in transformative changes to protect Wildlife. Click here to find out more!


Click here to watch the webinar!


Behind the Scenes Wetlands & Precious Sea Birds

Join FashWand and Wildlife Jewels this World Wildlife Day and discover some of the precious native birds and the inspirations behind our Sea Bird Collection. Join us on March 3rd at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve at 2pm PST. We'll be at the front entrance of the South Parking lot on Pacific Coast Highway. 


About Wildlife Jewels™

The mission of Wildlife Jewels™ is to protect wildlife and their habitats from human caused threats and to inspire and empower individuals to value living wildlife. We are dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, science, fashion, arts, and multi-disciplinary collaborations. Join us on our lifelong mission and help save our jewels from extinction.


About FashWand

FashWand was founded in 2016 by Azi Sharif in the charming coastal town of Corona Del Mar. FashWand's mission is to inspire and empower individuals to protect wildlife by sharing the natural beauty and fascinating behaviors of wildlife through exquisite fashion, arts, & partnerships. FashWand is dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, collaborations, and partnerships with wildlife conservation foundations. From creating wildlife inspired arts & fashion to providing strategic planning advice and technical expertise on ways we can better use innovative technologies to protect wildlife, we partner with and give back to wildlife rescue and conservation organizations.

FashWand takes an innovative approach to fashion by combining fine art, fashion, science, education and wildlife conservation while creating luxurious eye-catching eco-sustainable fashion. We dream of a world where each Wildlife can be treated as if their life is more valuable than a precious stone.

Raising awareness for rare and precious wildlife through elegant fashion, arts, science, and collaborations. 


Discover FashWand 


Our exclusive Wildlife Jewels® collection of fine art and fashion is designed to raise awareness and help protect native, rare, and endangered wildlife.


Our products are made of sustainable and animal-friendly fibers. We do not use any type of animal skin, fur, or feather. Our products are not tested on animals.


Our company business model is designed and implemented with the environment in mind.


We're raising awareness and informing individuals about the importance of sustainable fashion.


Our products are beautifully designed with high quality materials that are made to last a lifetime. Each piece is ethically made by our talented team of sewers in Southern California.


We collaborate with researchers, technologists, and foundations to help protect wildlife.