Wildlife Jewels Simba the Lion Bottle
Wildlife Jewels Simba the Lion Bottle

    Wildlife Jewels Simba the Lion Bottle

    $ 49.00

      Introducing our exquisite "Wildlife Jewels® Simba the Lion" Bottle - a stylish and functional accessory that combines elegance, sustainability, and compassion. Crafted from BPA-free, high-grade stainless steel, this insulated bottle is a true testament to quality and eco-consciousness.

      At the heart of this stunning bottle is our signature painting featuring a precious lion, lovingly rescued from the perils of the wildlife trade. Bold colors, luminous gold, and intricate details beautifully capture the lion's majestic essence, creating a visual masterpiece that stands out in any crowd.

      Experience the beauty of fine art, the joy of sustainability, and the call to protect our precious lions, one drink at a time. By purchasing this bottle, you not only adorn yourself with a work of art and drink plastic-free, you also help fund Simba’s forever home in Tuscany and become an advocate for lion conservation. We are committed to donating 20% of our profits to Born Free Foundation to help protect and care for Simba the Lion.

      • FashWand designs are exclusive
      • Front: Featuring “Simba the Lion” print from Azi’s hand-painted original painting on canvas
      • Back: Featuring our signature “Simba Jewels” print with intricate details from “Simba The Lion” original painting on canvas
      • Holds (17 fl oz) of liquid
      • BPA free steel
      • Insulated drink bottle
      • Completely leak proof
      • Screw top lid
      • Hand wash only
      • Made in the UK
      • Note: This item is made-to-order. Ships in 12-14 business days.

      Sustainability: Our bottles are drafted from BPA-free, high-grade stainless steel. We use a digital sublimation printing technique which infuses eco-friendly inks directly to the metal for a permanent print. 

      About Simba the Lion: Precious Simba the Lion is a symbol of hope. In 2020, as a tiny cub Simba was found abandoned and emaciated in a cardboard box in a deserted garage near Moscow. It is likely he is an innocent victim of the cruel wildlife trade. In December 2021, Simba was transported to the Natuurhulpcentrum (‘Nature Help Centre’) in Belgium and in 2022 Born Free Foundation organized a forever home for Simba at Animanatura Wild Sanctuary in Italy. Simba is now enjoying a new life in a beautiful sanctuary in Tuscany, Italy.

      About the painting —a painting capturing the essence of Simba’s journey, a painting that captures his beauty, strength and resilience. Painted on a 30” x 40” gallery canvas by Azi, this luminous artwork depicts Simba in his enchanting enclosure in Tuscany. The artist's bold post-Impressionist style brushstrokes blend seamlessly with her intricate Wildlife Jewels® painting techniques, bringing Simba to life with vibrant colors and a sense of hope that resonates deeply. This artwork, created with boundless love and admiration for wildlife, honors Simba's journey and serves as a symbol of hope for all wildlife.