FashWand Wildlife Photography + Painting: Meet Gray Spinel the Great Blue Heron

on June 24, 2021
Photo: Great Blue Heron Photograph + Silver Sea Painting ©Azi

Wildlife Photography + Ocean Inspired Painting!

Gray Spinel the Great Blue Heron + Silver Sea Painting!

Excited to showcase the new addition to FashWand Wildlife Photography + Painting Collection with one of my favorite photographs of The Great Blue Heron embellished with intricate details from my original Silver Sea Painting!

I came across this incredibly beautiful Great Blue Heron at the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and Nature Center and decided to combine the photographs I captured with details from my Silver Sea Painting.

Great Blue Herons are precious tall birds and generally live in shallow coastal lagoons, and wetlands. In order to protect them it is essential to protect their habitats. The Great Blue Heron can live up to 15 years. However, a big threat to their life is plastic pollution. "Thousands of sea birds die each year from getting entangled in litter and fishing lines." In fact, plastic pieces often get stuck to their beaks for weeks causing them to die from starvation.

Here is a sad example: "Starving Great Blue Heron rescued after flying around with fast-food lid stuck on its beak for a week."

As part of the FashWand Wildlife Photography + Painting collection, we are delighted to be supporting and collaborating with Wetland & Wildlife Conservation Centers. We're thrilled to be supporting charities by donating our limited edition prints for auction, in addition for each photograph sold, FashWand contributes 20% of net profits to Wildlife Conservations Foundations to help protect Wildlife and their habitats. 

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Are you a Wildlife Conservation nonprofit and interested in exploring collaboration opportunities? Contact us!


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Photo: FashWand by Azi Wildlife Photography + Painting Wall ©Azi

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