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I have been fascinated by the magical beauty and the incredible behaviors of wildlife since I first started drawing Wildlife at age 4. Shortly after I discovered the impacts I could have to help protect wildlife, FashWand was born. ~ Azi
About FashWand
FashWand was founded in 2016 in the charming coastal town of Corona Del Mar by artist, designer, and wildlife conservationist Azi Sharif. Born from a lifelong passion for fine art, fashion, wildlife and unstoppable dedication to saving wildlife, FashWand strives to provide unforgettable timeless nature inspired fine fashion while inspiring and empowering individuals to save wildlife.

Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to save wildlife through our unforgettable timeless nature inspired fine art fashion, exclusive designs, and impactful stories of precious wildlife.

Our vision is for a world where every person sees the magnificent beauty and value of living wildlife and takes action to protect wildlife and their habitats.

Saving Wildlife
Through Fine Art and Fine Fashion, we tell stories ~ of unique wildlife. In addition to creating exquisite fashion, we share incredible stories of the wildlife that inspired our designs. Every single wildlife has a story and every single wildlife is precious. We are committed to donating 20% of all profits to wildlife conservation charities to help save wildlife. When you purchase a FashWand product, in addition to beautifying your world with an exclusive unforgettable work of art, you also help us in our mission to #savewildlife.

Supporting Wildlife Conservation Charities
When you purchase any FashWand product, you are helping protect a unique Wildlife in need. We support our native California Wildlife, as well as Wildlife from around the world. We are constantly designing unique Collections featuring unique Wildlife. Our collection includes rare and endangered wildlife such as the Asiatic Cheetah and Elephants who are under threat from poaching as well as native wildlife that are under threat from human caused threats.

Exquisite Timeless Fashion. Original Fine Art. Exclusive Design. Sustainable. Eco friendly. Plastic Free Packaging. Made in the USA

We create timeless, elegant, and sustainable nature inspired functional art pieces thoughtfully designed and crafted in the USA. Each piece is individually designed with elegance, quality, and the environment in mind. Each piece is carefully crafted in the USA and is composed of exclusive sustainably sourced eco-friendly material, with fine textures, and embellished with our creative director Azi Sharif's own striking nature inspired hand-painted original bold motifs and prints with luminous colors and intricate details full of movement and life.

About Azi

Striving to create a world where every person takes action to protect wildlife.

Born from a lifelong passion for fine art, fashion, wildlife and unstoppable dedication for saving wildlife, Azi Sharif is committed to raising awareness for and protecting wildlife by combining her expertise in leadership, fine arts, fashion, science, technology, and education.

Azi Sharif is the Founder and Executive Director of the Wildlife Jewels™ 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, founded in 2023 with the mission to protect wildlife from human-caused threats and to inspire and empower individuals to value living wildlife. In 2016 Azi founded FashWand® LLC where she creates exquisite fine art fashion with impactful stories of wildlife that funds protection of wildlife. In 2014, Azi founded the Wildlife Jewels® Collection, where she paints wildlife including vulnerable, rare, and endangered wildlife who are racing towards extinction due to wildlife crime, habitat destruction, overfishing, and other human caused activities.

Azi’s background is a unique mix of fine arts, fashion, robotics, program management, education, multi-disciplinary team leadership, and wildlife conservation. She is a former organizational change management leader and program manager leading multi-million-dollar technology programs and cross-functional teams, specializing in robotics and autonomous systems.

She is passionate about the impacts cross-functional teams and strategic partnerships can have to spark synergies and new world changing ideas for saving our wildlife from extinction. She holds a PhD in Applied Sciences, MS in Computer Science, and a BA in Fine Arts.

Azi has been inspired by wildlife since she first started observing and drawing wildlife at age 4. She has been involved in wildlife rescue since she was a teenager surfing across the orange county coastline rescuing seabirds including Brown Pelicans, Grebes and Cormorants. She has painted over 400 unique paintings and created a multitude of detailed textile designs all inspired by wildlife.






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