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              A timeless collection with a touch of elegance, featuring limited edition signature pieces embellished with our creative director Azi Sharif's own striking hand-painted original Wildlife Jewels® paintings with luminous colors and intricate details full of movement and life. These exceptional pieces, from functional art to dresses, and accessories are thoughtfully designed with elegance, quality, and the environment in mind. Each fine art fashion item is carefully crafted in the USA and is composed of exclusive sustainably sourced eco-friendly material, with fine textures, and vibrant colors.

              The Wildlife Jewels Collection was founded in 2014 by Azi with the mission to raise awareness for and to protect wildlife. Every wildlife featured in our designs has a story and every single wildlife is precious. When you purchase a FashWand product, in addition to beautifying your world with an exclusive unforgettable work of art, you also help us in our mission to #savewildlife.

              Wildlife Jewels® Collection

              Wildlife Jewels® Solid 18K Gold Plated Brass Pendant Alexandrite the Rhino

              $ 275.00

              Wildlife Jewels Green Tourmaline the Sea Turtle Organic Cotton Flowy Top

              $ 137.00

              FashWand Men's Pocket Square in Organic Pima Lawn Cotton "Alexandrite the Rhino"

              $ 94.00

              FashWand Mandarin Garnet the Monarch Butterfly Bamboo Appliqué Dress

              $ 325.00

              FashWand Golden Citrine The Pangolin Glass Coaster

              $ 26.00

              Wildlife Jewels Alexandrite the Rhino Tencel Cotton Long Sleeve Top

              $ 165.00

              Wildlife Jewels Smoky Quartz the Elephant Seal Bamboo Lace Appliqué Top

              $ 289.00

              Wildlife Jewels Green Tourmaline the Sea Turtle Supima Cotton Shoulder Tulle Top

              $ 125.00

              FashWand Lazuli the Elephant Jeweled Appliqué Bamboo Lacy Top

              $ 310.00

              Wildlife Jewels Ruby Bamboo Lacy Dress

              $ 387.00

              FashWand White Opal the Snowy Egret Bamboo Velour Lace Appliqué Dress

              $ 225.00

              FashWand Lapis Lazuli the Elephant Bamboo Velour Pocket Sweater

              $ 120.00

              FashWand Wildlife's Gems Mesh Shoulder Soft Bamboo Flowy Top Cheetah Jewels

              $ 120.00

              Wildlife Jewels Rubellite The Elegant Tern Organic Cotton Tulle Appliqué Gown

              $ 725.00

              Wildlife Jewels™ 18K Gold Plated Brass Pendant Mandarin Garnet the Monarch Butterfly

              $ 275.00

              FashWand Bamboo Pink Tourmaline The Pelican Appliqué Dress

              $ 320.00

              Wildlife Jewels Osprey & Turquoise the Cheetah Photography + Painting Canvas Print

              $ 355.00

              Wildlife Jewels Curlew Photography + Painting Signed Edition

              $ 410.00

              FashWand Pink Tourmaline the Pelican Tencel Cotton Lace Sleeve Dress

              $ 325.00

              FashWand Pink Tourmaline The Pelican Sandstone Coaster

              $ 26.00
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