Turquoise The Persian Cheetah Collection

Exquisite collection of Wearable Fine Art created from striking intricate Cheetah Paintings by Azi. The natural beauty of the most majestic and rarest animals The Persian Cheetah, the gemstone Turquoise, and intricate details of Ancient Architecture were the inspiration for the timeless prints and details of this exclusive Wildlife Jewels® "Turquoise The Cheetah" Collection. Each piece is a work of art beautifully constructed with unique combination of luxe materials and embellishments making each item a distinct masterpiece.  10% of proceeds donated to selected Wildlife Conservation Foundations. 


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Velvet Fashion Bag Turquoise the Cheetah
Velvet Fashion Face Mask with Gloves Turquoise the Cheetah
Silk Fashion Face Mask Turquoise the Cheetah