A stunning collection of Fashion, Art, and Décor embellished with our Turquoise the Cheetah painting taking inspiration from the Persian Cheetah, one of the most beautiful and powerful animals, yet critically endangered with less than 40 remaining.

Turquoise The Persian Cheetah Collection

FashWand Turquoise the Cheetah Silk Satin Tulle Ruffle Scarf

$ 175.00

FashWand Cheetah Jewels Silk Lacy Ruffle Sleeve Dress

$ 425.00

FashWand Silk Fashion Face Mask with Gloves Cheetah Jewels

$ 72.00

FashWand Cheetah Queen Twisted Headband

$ 45.00

FashWand Fashion Gloves Cheetah Jewels

$ 40.00

FashWand Fashion Gloves Cheetah

$ 40.00

FashWand Great Egret & Turquoise the Cheetah Photography + Painting Print Signed Edition

$ 355.00

FashWand Turquoise the Cheetah Velour Blanket

$ 85.00

FashWand Men's Pocket Square in Silk Satin "Turquoise the Cheetah"

$ 94.00