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                An colorful collection designed to share the natural beautify of one of the most incredibly unique, science fiction like and fascinating animals in the world, The Pangolin. Designed for a lifetime with passion for fashion, style and the precious Pangolin! Featuring limited edition signature pieces embellished with Azi's striking hand-painted original Wildlife Jewels® "Golden Citrine the Pangolin". Sadly Pangolins are critically endangered and the most trafficked mammal in the world.

                Each fine art fashion piece in our collection is carefully crafted in the USA and is composed of exclusive sustainably sourced eco-friendly material, with fine textures, and vibrant colors. We are committed to donating 20% of all profits to wildlife conservation charities to help save wildlife. When you purchase a "Golden Citrine the Pangolin" product, in addition to beautifying your world with an exclusive unforgettable work of art, you discover the story of a beautiful Pangolin and also help us in our mission to #savewildlife.

                Golden Citrine The Pangolin Collection

                FashWand Golden Citrine the Pangolin Organic Cotton Decorative Throw Pillow

                $ 125.00

                FashWand Soft Bamboo Side Ruffle Crystal Tights Pangolin Jewels

                $ 128.00

                FashWand Golden Citrine The Pangolin Glass Coaster

                $ 26.00

                FashWand Golden Citrine The Pangolin Gift Box

                $ 105.00

                Wildlife Jewels Golden Citrine The Pangolin Bamboo Velour Yellow Pocket Sweater

                $ 120.00
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