Fine Art to Robots to Impactful Fashion & Partnerships for Wildlife

on January 08, 2023
FashWand by Azi News | Los Angeles Tribune
FashWand by Azi Wildlife Jewels Collection
FashWand by Azi Rubellite the Elegant Tern Collection

We are thrilled to see FashWand featured in the Los Angeles Tribune!

Meet our CEO and discover FashWand's mission, collections, and learn about our inspirations and our vision.

With a PhD in Applied Sciences and a career in robotics, Azi was determined to combine her expertise in fine art, robotics, fashion, program management & multi-disciplinary team leadership with her passion for fashion and wildlife to create transformational change and help protect wildlife.

“As the CEO of FashWand, Azi combines her love for fashion with her passion for conservation, creating a brand that is not only stylish but also meaningful and impactful for wildlife worldwide. Whether through hand-painted tops and dresses or through her efforts to raise awareness about the importance of conservation, Azi’s goal is to make a difference for wildlife and the natural world

FashWand takes an innovative approach to fashion by combining fine art, fashion, science, education, and wildlife conservation while creating luxurious eye-catching eco-sustainable fashion,” Azi explains. “We’re dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, collaborations, and partnerships with wildlife conservation foundations.”  The Los Angeles Tribune



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Watch the video below to learn more about one of our design inspirations, the precious Gray Sapphire the Gull




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